2 Kids and an iPhone

I’m always amazed at how intuitive kids are these days with all things hi-tech. Here are siblings 3 year old Ella and almost 7 year old Julz with the new favorite toy, the 3G iPhone. Since I have been shooting these kids since they were in diapers, they pretty much treated me like furniture. And getting them to look up at the camera could sometimes be challenging. But somehow, I find the undirected behind-the-scene photos pretty funny as well. Here are some of my favorite outtakes.

And finally…one photo of Ella without the iPhone. Notice how her smile is not as wide. She’s thinking, “I want my Super Ball Monkey!”

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  1. Ez July 18, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Auey, you’ve captured my kids in their most natural state- unfortunately it’s with gadgets; days of non-techy stuff are rare these days.

    Thanks again!



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