1/4 Nights with Ann Hamilton

It’s so important to network with other photographers and continue the educational process throughout your career. There’s always someone new to meet, something new to learn and new techniques to master. That’s why I love my educational opportunities with PPGBA. I meet great local photographers who have so much to share, and generously so. When the opportunity to sign up for PPGBA’s 4 Nights Weddings came along, I grabbed it.

The first featured photographer is Ann Hamilton, who hosted the talk in her Cow Hollow studio which she shares with jet-setting destination photographer Gene Higa. It’s always inspiring to connect with other photographers and learn from their experiences. Above is a screen shot of her website. 15 photographers, along with Ann’s pet pug Bogie, sat and listened in the intimate setting of her boutique studio for two hours as Ann shared her stories of her two passions: weddings and dogs.

Below is a stolen shot from Gene Higa’s blog. It was a great evening!

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